Wood Library Table

wood library table

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Blogger tables 11/09/05

Blogger tables 11/09/05

Our blogger tables arrived on Friday, have spent today arranging them into different shapes. We have 12 flame orange, these match the main enquiry desk and 18 wood which are dotted about on the upper floors. The chairs have still to arrive. They will be lime green plastic. Students have the choice to sit at one or move them together into twos, threes (as above) or more!

Library Table

Library Table

By the Herter Brothers
New York City
c. 1881 - 82
Rosewood, walnut, satinwood, maple, walnut, birch, chestnut, ash, brass, mother-of-pearl

Flat out, I've never seen anything in a museum that I wanted as much as I wanted this table.

wood library table

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